Spiritual Group Classes

173564057You are looking to explore life’s mysteries…

You know there is more to life than just working, eating, taking care of your family, and sleeping. There’s bound to be something deeper to life.

You’ve read about it in books, and you may have an intellectual awareness of it, but experientially… it’s still a great big mystery.

You yearn for a group of people who are equally enthused about deeper spiritual mysteries, but most of your friends don’t really talk about those things.

I know exactly what you mean!

Many years ago, I got the bug – the desire to experience everything I had read in spiritual books – the things that great masters had personally lived and talked about.

So, in 2006, I had the privilege to join an ongoing spiritual “Mystery School” in Chicago that’s run by my advanced hypnotherapy teacher.

The information and experiences I get from that school continue to completely blow my mind. I’ve learned how we have many levels of self… and how to access and experience them all.

I’ve learned how to shift my identity from my ego personality to my Higher Self – my soul and spirit.

That school changed my life!

It showed me the power of learning with a group of like-minded people led by a knowledgeable spiritual teacher.

The energy between members grows and grows, facilitating deeper personal spiritual experiences and awakenings.

I feel so at home in those spiritual groups. Now, I want to offer you the same awe and deep satisfaction.

Current Offerings

Free Spiritual Discussion and Meditation Group (on Zoom!)

When we meditate together, we build a spiritual bond that transforms our perception and creates a pathway to the Higher Self and soul. We start with a lively spiritual discussion to open our awareness to new possibilities. Then, we meditate together for about 30-40 minutes to experience the essence of who we truly are beyond the cosmic movie and our ego.

When: Every other Monday at 7:00pm ET

A Portal to Spiritual Blooming (a one-day intensive experience)
Co-led by Michael Rosenbaum ACHT, MP and Laurie Rose LCSW, ACHT

Enjoy some powerful processes and teachings to give you an experience and taste of bringing spiritual blooming into your life.

When: Dates to come

Where: Online on Zoom

Investment: $150

Spiritual Blooming: Awakening to Soul Consciousness (a four-month online intensive exploration)
Co-led by Michael Rosenbaum ACHT, MP and Laurie Rose LCSW, ACHT

Are you ready to Transcend ego-isolated consciousness and live from your Soul and a greater whole?

These workshops are for those who are looking for a “spiritual transformation” … to let go and allow a new awareness to shine through, to begin or continue a lifelong unfolding of a greater consciousness that becomes a constant companion.

Weekend 1: Oct 7-8, 2023
Weekend 2: Nov 4-5, 2023
Weekend 3: Dec 2-3, 2023
Weekend 4: Jan 6-7, 2024

Group Past-Life Regression Class (3-hour classes)

Led by Michael Rosenbaum ACHT, MP

We are spiritual beings having a human experience right now. We have had hundreds – maybe even thousands – of other lifetimes in other bodies. The memory of that is still stored in your superconscious mind. In this class, we will explore past lives where you cultivated special gifts or abilities, and you’ll learn to activate them in this lifetime.

When: Date TBA

Let’s get together and explore!

I’ve been studying and teaching spirituality for over 30 years. The classes I have taught are unique and aimed at creating transformational experiences that can benefit you for the rest of your life.

Take a look at my offerings and see what draws you. You have many opportunities to know yourself as a spiritual being and bring that wisdom and joy into your daily life.

The combination of participating in these group offerings and one-on-one spiritual coaching can really help spearhead your spiritual development.

Being with other like-minded seekers will help you spiritually bloom!

Take that next step by calling for your free 20-minute consultation: (914) 589-3601.