My Approach

192268697Worried, anxious, and going around in circles…

You’ve tried different approaches to make a change and feel better.

Each one seems promising initially, but they inevitably lead you down the same path… and you end up in the same place. Even the smallest bit of progress takes SO MUCH time and effort.

Sometimes, you wish there were a magic bullet that could take all your problems away!

Talking and analyzing your problems doesn’t work…

You’re tired of it. How many times can you look at the same problem and expect something different to happen?

You don’t like to complain, but it seems like you were given a raw deal in life. If this hadn’t happened… or if you were with a more loving person… or your parents had been smarter or more sensitive… (etc., etc.)…

You would be fine. You wouldn’t have all this stress. You would be happy. You would be serene and calm.

Frustrated, you can’t help but think, “Why can’t I figure this out once and for all?”

There’s a better way…

Most approaches rely on the conscious mind to analyze and figure out the problem. You get an intellectual knowledge of why you have anxiety or feel stressed, but it doesn’t significantly alter the stressful feelings.

My approach is very different.

We won’t just talk about a problem. Rather, I’ll guide you to access a deeper part of your mind that can actually help you change the pattern.

1707303565Your “inner mind” can be your best ally.

Your mind has different parts. The one you’re most familiar with is the intellectual-rational-conscious mind. Scientists who study the brain tell us this part of the mind is only 5-10% of your mental capacity.

The other 90-95% is located in the subconscious and unconscious mind – what I call the “inner mind.” As it turns out, all emotions are stored in the inner mind.

The inner mind knows how to change stress and worry into calm and peace if you know how to access and work with it.

Hypnotherapy gives you easy access to the inner mind.

And that’s what makes permanent, positive change possible.

Through hypnotherapy, you’ll learn that it’s not so much WHAT happens to you that’s important; what you THINK IT MEANS matters more. That’s the impression that will follow you through your life.

For instance, if, as a child, you confronted your parents and spoke up for yourself and were punished for it, you might conclude that it’s not safe to speak your mind. You might begin a pattern where, if there is conflict, you get nervous and worried.

Fast-forward to your present life. If a conflict arises in your day, those same nervous feelings get triggered immediately. You feel worried about speaking up.

The inner mind never forgets anything.

All its stored impressions, positive or negative, just sit there, affecting your every interaction. And when taking in new experiences, your mind will default to the strongest expression. Always!

If you have a strong negative impression, like anxiety, sadness, anger, helplessness, etc., it will repeat itself throughout your life.

That is… until you decide to change those impressions. And only YOU can make that change.

Fortunately, you’re in the right place to get the tools to do it!

1443633233A new approach, a new you…

Through hypnotherapy, regression therapy, Tapas Acupuncture Technique (TAT), RoHun therapy, and other inner-mind processes…

I’ll help you reduce the strength of negative impressions and build new positive ones. Eventually, the positive impressions will be the strongest and govern how you think and feel about new experiences.

These changes become a permanent part of your consciousness, and relaxation and calm will be your new default settings!

You can feel better and better… systematically.

In addition to lessening the effects of negative impressions, I’ll put you in touch with your Higher Self, letting its bliss and wisdom help you let go of what no longer serves you.

As you do, it’ll get easier and easier to let go of your past and create a beautiful new future.

Together, we will create a unique program to permanently remove the blocks that stop you from living life from your loving, true self.

And it doesn’t take long to begin feeling better. Most clients start to feel a difference after the first few sessions. I’ve seen it hundreds and hundreds of times.

There IS a way to live as the best version of yourself!

Schedule your free 20-minute consultation to see how these approaches can help you.