Past-Life Regression

1350110237Certain struggles never go away.

But if you’re like most people, you’ve tried: traditional therapy, self-help, positive affirmations… you name it.

Yet you always find yourself back in the same place. Yuk!

Maybe you’ve heard of past-life regressions and wonder whether they could give you the traction you’re looking for.

Is this the missing piece you need?

Understandably, you have some concerns.

“Can I handle it??”

You’ve read about people who revisit past-life traumas and terrible deaths, and it scares you. You don’t want to have to relive that trauma. What good would that do?

The truth is that the mind never shows you something you can’t handle. Although you recall and experience past-life events and circumstances, it’s totally manageable. It is shown to you in an appropriate way so you can gain a better understanding of it.

By unearthing and healing the experience, it no longer triggers you in your present life.

1395579782“What if I’m just making it up?”

You’ve considered the possibility that the memories you recall are but figments of your imagination – something your mind made up. You worry: “If that’s the case, how could that help me?”

My clients are amazed at how real the experience of a past life can be – how honestly they resonate with the essence of it.

The purpose is not to prove that this past life really happened; rather, it’s to show you something deep inside that needs to be healed.

“Can a past-life regression really help me with my current problems?”

When I lead you through a past-life regression, we always look at how it bleeds into this lifetime. By addressing unresolved issues from the past life, we heal and transform them in this lifetime.

Before we end, we look to see what lessons were and were not learned in the past life. Then, we do a process to cleanse anything in your mind and emotions you might unconsciously be bringing forward. We end with a process to ensure the “bleed through” stops.

Afterward, you’ll feel a lightness, like a burden has just been lifted from you. You feel free and inspired to be the best you can be in this lifetime.

1368524597You’re ready for deep, lasting change…

So, let’s do it together!

I’ve done many regressions as a part of my spiritual journey. They’ve helped me let go of the hidden, mysterious blocks weighing me down. They’ve enhanced my everyday living and expanded my awareness of my higher consciousness and potential.

I would love to do the same for you. Past-life regressions are deep and powerful and might not be for you at first. But when the time is right and you’re ready, it can cause a wonderful release and transformation in your life. I have done hundreds of past life regressions with my clients when they were ready to go deeper.

Your Higher Self wants you to heal; a past-life regression can help you do that!

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