Ro-Hun Therapy

1350110237There are certain struggles that feel embedded in the very fabric of our being.

You can get stuck in repetitive, negative emotions. You find that the same types of people and circumstances trigger you in a downward spiral.

You try to think your way out of it but that doesn’t work.

You try to put your mind somewhere else but it keeps pulling you back to the negative feeling and thoughts.

You feel like something negative has grabbed a hold of you and won’t let go. It brings your energy down and you invariably end up in a low mood.

It’s been like that your whole life, maybe a part of you feels like it will never be any other way.

Your energy can hold you back, or move you forward.

Everything is connected together energetically in your system. When it is flowing you feel great.  However, when negative emotions and negative thoughts get triggered you feel stuck. Those energies get caught in your energy body, called the chakras.

Just dealing with your emotions and thoughts in traditional therapy is only half the story.  That may be why it takes so long to create a permanent and lasting change.

You may feel like you are taking 3 steps forward and two steps back.



Ro-Hun Therapy can create rapid and lasting changes.

Ro-Hun therapy is like a roto-rooter for the soul.

It works deeply and efficiently by focusing on the emotional and mental blocks that are stuck in the different energy chakras. It roots them out and through a system of regression therapy, self-inquiry, and energy release. The result is a permanent and lasting change.

You feel much lighter and liberated from the negative self-talk. You no longer feel emotionally drained.  Even physical discomforts begin to disappear.


Say goodbye to victim consciousness

Imagine feeling empowered to live the life you want.

Imagine feeling empowered to not take things so personally. To not let challenges bring you down and keep you stuck.

Imagine a sense of well-being as the dominant feeling you walk around in, day after day.


Can Ro-Hun therapy really free me from my lower emotional baggage?

Through Ro-Hun therapy I have helped hundreds of clients jump start a new life by releasing the old baggage of negative patterns that have weighed them down.

Through a series of 7 sessions, you can discover and transform the major stumbling blocks in your life that have kept you tethered to a negative, repetitive pattern.

The first session is a womb regression where many negative patterns started in reaction to what your Mother and Father were feeling.  Then we go on to work with 6 energy chakras to discover the mis-impressions and distortions you created in response to living and energetically and psychologically release them together.

In each session you are guided to create the beginnings of something new and positive in your life. And I show you how to build on that until it becomes the dominant energy inside of you.

We also include special processes to balance the male and female energies inside of us.

To let go of the critical judge that puts you and others down, all the time.

To introduce you to your “Higher self” and anchor that in the very fabric of your  conscious awareness.

Are you ready for a transformation?

I have helped so many people get a new lease on life through Ro-Hun therapy.

I would love to do the same for you.  Let me be your guide to a new liberation. One that is lasting and removes the walls that have kept you stuck, repeating the old, unproductive patterns in your life.

It can be the foundation of a larger, overall plan for your well-being that we can construct together.

You were created to be joyful and free and to cruise through life, partaking in all its beautiful aspects.  RoHun therapy can be a big step to making that happen! 

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