Tap Into the Wisdom of
Your Higher Self

Let go of the anxiety and live from a place of positivity.
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Life has lost its spark.

Every day is the same stressful routine. Work, home, sleep, then back to work again.

Even the simplest tasks and choices have become overwhelming and paralyzing.

It’s as though all of your excitement and inspiration are gone.

Things weren’t always this way.

There was a time when you had big dreams for yourself.

You remember what it was like to wake up in the morning feeling vibrant and alive.

And the world felt fertile and full of possibilities.

But something’s changed.

The energy and positivity you once took for granted has all but disappeared.

Somehow you’ve lost touch with your inner compass and vision for yourself.

And the constant stress and fear have pushed any dreams you had to the backburner.

It’s like you only focus on the negatives.

You spend all your time thinking about the things that aren’t working instead of the things that are.

Everyone has ups and downs, but for some reason, you can’t stop emphasizing the downs.

If only you could experience joy as easily as you do disappointment.

You’ve tried to fix these issues on your own.

Attending self-help classes and introducing positive thinking habits never did the trick.

Meditation was briefly calming but didn’t provide the transformational experience it seemed to offer others.

None of your attempts to break these negative patterns has made any lasting difference.

There is another way.

It’s possible to find a supportive environment where you can transform that anxiety into peace.

You deserve to work as part of a team dedicated to helping you feel open and fully alive again.

The power to make lasting positive change is inside you.
Let’s tap into it.

Let’s Talk

Hi, I’m Michael.

And I can’t wait to help you start living joyfully and confidently.

In a safe environment, we’ll dig into the root cause of your anxiety so you can break free from the negative beliefs and unhealthy cycles you’ve been caught in.

It’s time to harness the inner wisdom and resilience of your Higher Self and discover that you’re stronger than you think you are.

Through the power of hypnotherapy and self-reflection, you’ll learn to remap your thinking and gain a new perspective on life.

Together, let’s work to heal your past so that you can embrace your present and future.

More About Me

Find the inspiration that’s been missing.

Let go of the anxiety and worry. Start living from a place of positivity and confidence.

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What people are saying

“Words cannot express how thankful I am for Michael and to experience his amazing gifts! I have experienced different processes with him and I found that regression work suits me best. He guides me gently in releasing what no longer serves me and helps me connect to my highest self where beauty, love, truth, forgiveness and wisdom resides. His approach is unique, transformational and revealing. He also provides insight and teaches you powerful tools to eliminate disturbances of the mind. Since I’ve been working with him, my anxiety has decreased, I feel more at peace, lighter and more connected with myself and the divine. His sessions are truly empowering and beautiful.”

Karen J.

“Michael Rosenbaum is a powerful guide that keeps me centered in a positive course. In the beginning, his intense guidance helped me through a difficult passage in my life……. He also helped me better understand the power of thought and the power of our words. The awakening that has happened in my spirituality is a tremendous gift. I thank Michael for his wisdom.”

Georgina K.

“How very lucky I am to have crossed your path. Thank you for your spiritual guidance. I am no longer afraid!”

Helena R.

“Through Michael’s guidance I have learned how to reach a higher level of spirituality, bring calm and happiness to daily interactions while enhancing relationships with those closest to me. His soft, gentle manner has encouraged me to develop a fulfilled sense of self-awareness.”

Carole C.

“For anyone with lifelong issues, even possibly from past lives, Michael Rosenbaum provides a safe, peaceful, nurturing process for revealing them, rooting them out and integrating their lessons into the present.”

Scott S.

“During a very difficult time in my life Michael has guided me along a path where I have found tremendous inner strength and a peacefulness which I never knew existed. I am indebted to Michael Rosenbaum.”


“The session has released my fears of the future, dying and being alone. I now have a true awareness of things that only before I suspected.”

Mary Jean P.