Building a Healthy Body Using Natural Health

611240840Your body is not responding the way it used to.

When you were younger, it seemed that whatever you did, your body bounced back and balanced itself.

You could eat what you wanted…

You could get injured…

You could stay up late…

And your body kept on. It repaired itself rapidly, and you never ran out of energy by mid-day!

But now, you notice that your body can’t balance itself as quickly as before. And sometimes, it’s particularly sensitive to even small imbalances.

It’s affecting your mood, too.

You find that when your body doesn’t feel good, it affects your outlook on life.

You get a little snappy. You feel a little blue. Negative self-talk becomes more prominent.

Sometimes, you eat “fun food” like sweets or chips to perk yourself up – to give yourself a treat.

You know it’s a temporary fix, but it still feels good.

You wish it weren’t so, but…

You wonder whether you’re “just getting older” – whether your body will ever be what it once was.

You think, “I’m stuck with the genes I have. It’s only a matter of time before they kick in and I get sick.”

It’s like a never-ending uphill battle.

What you wouldn’t give for the vitality, energy, and confidence your body used to have.

2270780417Well, I have good news for you!

It has been proven that you have more control over the aging process than you might think.

In fact, 95% of your genes can express themselves in a healthy way if you provide for them in the right way.

When you do, you’ll find that your body begins regaining energy and vitality. Indigestion improves. Your body heals itself from wounds and bruises much faster.

A healthy body supports a healthy mind.

Research shows that an unhealthy body can contribute to anxiety and depression.

The reverse is also true. When your body is healthy, it secretes chemicals that lift your mood, re-establishing homeostasis and promoting well-being. I have seen this over and over again.

Body, mind, and spirit work together. We’ll use hypnotherapy to address old emotional blocks, and we’ll do spiritual coaching to uplift your spirit.

I’ll also teach you how to start taking care of your body. When you do, healing and transformation accelerate. The synergy is amazing!

146413415I have been researching vibrancy for a long time.

And I’ve put what I’ve learned into practice in my life. My body is much younger and more responsive than my chronological age.

As my body got stronger, I noticed that my mood improved, and I felt more at ease and confident. My meditations became deeper and more blissful. My overall sense of well-being was enhanced… big time!

I’ve put together various programs to help you get the same results!

Here are a few of my more popular programs. Set up a free consult to discuss pricing and how to customize it to your needs.

Stress reduction program

An unhealthy gut has long been associated with mood and certain natural herbs help the body and mind relax. Stress is caused by the way we perceive our situation and plays an important role in the chemicals that get secreted in the body and affect the brain.

This is a 30 day program that combines hypnotherapy for transforming stress into calm, a healthy cleanse to detox the gut and an herbal stress relief complex

Even with a physical challenge or disease, you can reverse its effects for better physical, emotional, and spiritual health. And you can do it all naturally without complications or side effects.

Permanent Weight Reduction program

It is essential for the mind and body to work together to be successful in losing weight and keeping it off. To have success you need to create a new eating habit, and your mind has to cooperate by craving healthy food and not looking to food to alleviate stress.

This 90 day program includes hypnotherapy to reprogram the mind, audio recordings to strengthen the new habits, a 30 day body reset program which includes a cleanse to start the body on the path to craving healthier foods, and support for a life style change and a few essential supplements.

Healthy Pregnancy and post-pregnancy program

Growing your baby inside your body doesn’t have to be a passive thing. You can use your mind to help build a strong baby’s body and connect emotionally and spiritually with the soul of the baby. A woman’s body has special supplemental needs to ensure a healthy pregnancy and post-pregnancy.

In this program we do a few hypnotherapy sessions to connect with the baby and prepare you for a healthy, natural child birth. There is a series of recordings to listen to during the entire pregnancy. There is also a personalized supplement program to make sure you and the baby are getting all the nutrients you need as well as dealing with bumps in the road like nausea and fatigue.

Prepare for surgery and faster recovery program

If you go into an operation feeling calm and confident, studies show a 20% better outcome for the patient. After surgery the most important aspect of recovery is the ability of the body to rebuild the body tissue.

In this 30 day program we use hypnotherapy to prepare you for surgery and a healing visualization for faster recovery after the surgery. It includes a series of recordings that you can work with at home and also includes a special protein shake that rebuilds the muscle tissue of the body rapidly plus a highly absorbable multivitamin.

I would love to learn more about your goals and customize a program that works for you.

Let’s restore your body… and keep it vibrant!

Call me today for your free 20-minute consultation and health assessment: (914) 589-3601.