Anxiety and Stress

1222291915Our constant companions…

It’s hard not to worry about things.

“What if this happens?”

“What if that occurs?”

“What will I do if…”

You keep going through all the scenarios of what could happen and what you’ll do IF it comes to pass.

Your brain never stops.

Each day is a new dive into the latest stressor, the latest worry, the latest “what if”?

It’s nearly impossible to RELAX. And when it feels like it’ll never stop, you can’t help but feel overwhelmed.

It’s exhausting, and you’re DONE by the end of the day. You know exactly where those headaches are coming from.

Maybe that’s why you’re reaching for that glass of wine… or that sweet treat.

1880028430I’m here to help you change all that.

The way your mind responds to stress is a learned response. However, it’s stored in a part of your mind to which you don’t have easy access.

But we can do it with targeted hypnotherapy.

Together, we’ll gain access to the part of the brain where that response is written. You become aware of how you have been self-sabotaging yourself unconsciously. Then, we’ll systematically guide you to write a new, positive program that becomes your automatic response moving forward.

We’re going to show you how to remap your brain to give you permanent results!

Through hypnotherapy, regression therapy, visualization, and meditation techniques, it’s amazing how quickly you can begin to make those changes. Most clients make real progress and feel more relaxed after just a few sessions. Then we can create a plan to permanently liberate you from past negative tendencies, so you can stop living from your past and create an inspiring future.

Start today… worry less tomorrow.

You have a calmer, wiser, more tranquil Self – a Higher Self. Together, we’ll tap into your subconscious so that you can make it your dominant Self.

As this happens, you’ll worry less, stop stressing, and enjoy each day.

I have helped hundreds of people get there… let me help you, too!

Let’s change that anxiety into tranquility. Call today for your free 20-minute consultation: (914) 589-3601.