Spiritual Development Coaching

531220438You are looking for meaning in your life.

You go through your day and do what you need to get done. But at the end of the day, you wonder…

Isn’t there something more to life?

You’ve tried meditating.

You’ve read books by some of the great spiritual luminaries.

You’ve even put some of their ideas into practice.

They help… but not enough to powerfully change your life.

That voice in your head is holding you back.

You’re a dreamer. You envision yourself as peaceful and loving, moving through life with grace.

Then, all the negative voices flood in:

“That’s not realistic.”

“Stop fooling yourself.”

“Let’s get real here.”

“It would take many lifetimes to get there, so why bother?”

These voices cloud you, leaving you confused and disheartened. So, you keep things as they are.

If you only had a personal guide to show you the way.

“But I don’t have time!”

You have a busy life. I get it. And adding one more thing to it feels overwhelming.

Besides, who can afford to go away for a month to a retreat to become more spiritual??

You may be surprised to learn that you can spiritually bloom simply by doing a little bit of the right things daily.

1722879193You are much more than you think.

From a young age, our culture has taught you to do this and that to “get ahead” – that “progress” means using logic and desire to fend for yourself – to make sure you get yours.

An idea is firmly planted inside most of us that if we just accumulated enough money, love, or comforts… then we would feel joyous, whole, and complete.

And if you’re like most of us, you’ve been chasing that idea, and the real you got lost in the shuffle.

The real you is magnificent. It shines like a sun all on its own. It doesn’t need more stuff; it only needs to be awakened.

The real you is your higher self. Let’s awaken it.

Everyone has a “Higher Self” waiting to be activated. It’s never broken or damaged – just hidden from view.

It’s hidden by our ego and various other obstacles of the lower mind. To get in touch with your true inner nature, we’ll work systematically to transform and remove these barriers.

Your obstacles are unique to you, but with expert, gentle, loving guidance, you can rise above them and behold the beautiful you at the center.

We’ll do special spiritual processes, meditations, visualizations, and releasing work that give you a direct, personal experience of your Soul, your “Higher Self.”

Once you have tasted this, you can never forget it. It fills you like nothing else in this world. In fact, you’ll start yearning for it.

The more that gets revealed, the more committed you’ll be to your spiritual path.

1979645885Let me tell you about the spiritual work we can do…

Spiritual coaching is tailored to each person, depending on your goals and background. Here are some of the processes I draw on when we create a plan:

Past-Life Regression

It is not just what happens in this life that can block us from our true nature. The tendencies we carry from past lifetimes can be a major deterrent. In this process, I help you discover and release those tendencies from this and past lives.

RoHun Therapy

This is a process where I help you look in the energy chakras for blocks keeping you from the transformation you seek. It is one of my deepest and most powerful clearing processes. It is like a Roto-Rooter for the soul!

Akashic Records Reading

This is a reading I do with you to let your soul and spirit guides point the way from a higher perspective toward your highest and best life.

Building a Bridge to the Soul

This is a group of processes to remove the obstacles disconnecting you from your soul. Then, we build an energetic bridge to anchor you to a direct experience of the soul. You’ll then have a clear place to bring wisdom into your daily life.

Getting clear guidance from your Higher Self

Learn a systematic approach to receiving clear and inspiring messages from your higher mind that will guide you in your daily life to make better choices for your highest and best.

Life Between Lives – Spiritual Gift Discovery

Here, we investigate the “life between lives,” helping you discover and cultivate gifts you’ve received from the spiritual world that can help you be in tune with your soul’s mission in your present life. You meet your personal master spiritual teacher and learn how to stay connected. You get direct guidance from the higher realms to give you a new perspective on your present life.

Customized Spiritual Development plans based on your unique goals

If you are committed to attaining a new level of spiritual development, I can tailor a plan to match your goals, timing, and budget. We will discuss your goals, where you are, and where you want to be. A specialized plan is then created to meet those goals.

Let’s do this… together.

I’ve studied spirituality for over 30 years and have had hundreds of transformative spiritual experiences through deep meditation and unique inner processes. I’ve had incredible teachers who have guided me down this path, so I didn’t do it alone.

Let me do the same for you. Nothing makes me happier than taking you to those special places inside you, so you can transmit that joy and light as you go through life.

It’s time to awaken your spiritual potential!

Live an inspired life of joy. You can start today by calling for your free consultation: (914) 589-3601.