Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

For in-person services, I have two offices…

Danbury, CT: Mon. (10AM to 7PM), Wed. and Fri. (10AM to 6PM)

Here is the address:

66 Judith Drive, Danbury, CT 06811

Mt. Kisco, NY: Tues. and Sat. (10AM to 7PM)

Here is the address:

491 Lexington Avenue, Mt. Kisco, NY 10549

We can also work remotely through Zoom or FaceTime.

How do I pay?
You can pay by check, cash, credit card, Venmo, or Paypal.
Do you take insurance?
I do not take insurance, but I’m happy to give you a “Superbill” that you can submit to your insurance company if they cover hypnotherapy.
What is your policy for cancellations or missed appointments?

Please give me 24 hours’ notice if you need to cancel; otherwise, you will be charged a $75 missed-appointment fee.

Of course, if an emergency comes up, please let me know, and you won’t be charged that fee.

What happens during the free 20-minute consultation?

We’ll discuss where you are now, what is bothering you, and where you want to be.

If I know I can help you, I will talk to you about my approach, and you can see if it’s right for you. I’ll also answer any questions you might have.

How do I book a session?
We can set up sessions by phone, text, or email. Once we start meeting, we’ll set up your next appointment at the end of the session.
What is a hypnotic state like?

First, no… you will not “quack like a duck.” lol

A hypnotic state is a natural, relaxed state. You are not asleep or unconscious; you’re always aware.

We all go into natural hypnotic states all the time, like when you zone out for a minute driving… or when you are intently involved in a movie or book.

The hypnotic process is designed to give you access to your inner mind, helping you reprogram the things in your life that no longer work for you.

You are in control at all times. I can’t change you, but I can create an environment where you can change yourself.

What if I can’t be hypnotized?

Some people take to a relaxed, hypnotic state more easily than others, but everyone knows how to access that part of themselves.

It gets easier with practice. To get started, I’ll give you a recording you can do at home to get used to the process.

What is a typical hypnotherapy session like?

All sessions begin with a check-in to see how you have done since last time and where you have made progress. I will also answer any questions that have come up since our previous session, and we’ll determine the focus of our current session.

At the heart of our sessions will be an experience – a chance to release and transform what is bothering you. We also tap into and use the wisdom of your “Higher Self.”

We end the session by giving you a few simple things to practice between sessions. These activities (e.g., recordings to listen to) are designed to strengthen what you gained in session.

Sessions last an hour or an hour and a half, depending on the processes we are doing. Past-life regression sessions are 2 hours.

What is a typical spiritual development coaching session like?

In these sessions, we talk about your spiritual goals, your progress, and any obstacles you have encountered.

The sessions are set up to systematically remove the blocks you have in the unconscious mind to connect easily with your “Higher Self” and soul. Also, to teach you special meditation processes to build a bridge to the soul and your higher mind.

The goal is for you to experience your “Higher Self” as the dominant part of you and the ego and lower mind following that direction.

What is expected of me in a session?

When we work together, we’ll work as a team, introducing you to your deeper, wiser self.

You will get the most out of a session by allowing yourself to let go, following my gentle guidance, and letting the process unfold.

You don’t have to figure anything out; just follow the flow of the process. There are no wrong responses. I am your advocate, helping you discover hidden blocks and guiding you as you release and make positive changes.

How long does it take to see results?
Most clients begin to notice positive changes after the first few sessions. Depending on your goals, you can typically make significant gains in four to eight sessions.
What are your qualifications and training?

I have been helping clients transform negative patterns and cultivate their spirituality since 2000. I have over 3,500 hours of hypnotherapy and spirituality training. Here are some of my certifications:

  • Advanced clinical hypnotherapist from the Wellness Institute
  • Metaphysician practitioner from Delphi University
  • Positive psychology certification from Kripalu
  • Past-life regression practitioner and RoHun practitioner from Delphi University
  • Life between lives practitioner from the Newton Institute
  • Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT) professional
  • Part of yearly Spiritual Mystery School since 2006
  • Transcendental spiritual teacher certification
Do you offer video sessions?
Yes, I often work remotely through Zoom and Facetime. It works really well, and you get the convenience of not having to travel and be in the comfort of your own space.
Do you take notes?
Absolutely! I want you to focus on the experience of the session and not have to worry about remembering specific things. After the session, I will e-mail you what I would like you to focus on and the highlights of the session.
What do you do for fun?

I am an avid international folk dancer and teacher. That is where I met my wife.

I am also a big organic gardener. You’ll find me in my 15’ x 30’ organic garden between April and October.

My wife is an amazing cook (I feel like I live in a 5-star restaurant). We are vegetarians, so we enjoy our bounty all spring and summer.

I am an avid meditator and meditate every day for 30-45 minutes, and I love it. Several times a week, I do a “long meditation” for a few hours. It nourishes me like nothing else.

My wife and I love to do NYT crosswords. You can see us at dinner having fun figuring it all out!